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Negligent Hiring and Education of Truck Drivers

0tCEGMi.jpg The trucking business is changing and meaning for your drivers as well. Having a higher standard reaching out over the industry through the CSA, particular trucking companies find themselves in a much different position than previously.

No more will all the responsibility be placed on for breaking HOS principles, running faulty or dangerous equipment or setting all the responsibility on the driver. Both driver and company will obtain violation details through the CSA.

It's imperative that trucking companies operate in a safe and professional manner or risk intervention in the CSA and should they fail to conform, the company could experience an Operations Out-of Service Order. Due to the new initiative, many experienced, frequent drivers find themselves unemployed due to companies anticipating that checks for snore and BMI will be contained in future government mandates.

The FMCSA has stated that these tests aren't an integral part of the CSA laws or do they've no plans to add them. Many older seasoned drivers with fascinating PSP's are finding it difficult to find work, both for their age or physical appearance (BMI), as some companies are introducing additional assessment for their hiring requirements.

Companies who are performing these tests seem to be trying to find the 'product of the crop'and are most likely doing this, to lower their insurance costs and fundamentally increase their bottom line. With many of the frequent drivers both retiring, making the or as a result of not being hired and losing their jobs due to the results of their PSP and CSA, a flood of new drivers are expected.

Several will present a 'perfect' PSP because they are new to the industry and won't have a three and five-year look back of violations and crashes. These perfect PSP documents will then reflect a perfect driver security report for your motor carrier so long as they don't get violations once employed.

Trucking companies are responding to the CSA ( including their expectation for possible future medical mandates), and consequently skilled, and driver PSP truck drivers are being ignored by many within the industry.

More over, many motor carriers are now very worried about having less qualified offered to them. Actually, there are trucking companies who are obtaining quality, professional drivers to hire and are not having these same problems.

More details are available on this page.

YuFslF3.jpg The motor carriers who'll sooner or later have the most problems acquiring 'qualified' drivers, won't just be as a result of the driver PSP, but will be much more to do with their treatment of drivers before and their unwillingness to change their ways.